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ООО "ТОРГОВЫЙ ДОМ "БДТ-АГРО" является эксклюзивным дистрибьютером сельхозтехники ООО "БДТ-АГРО" на территории Таможенного союза, стран СНГ, ближнего и дальнего зарубежья, также поставщиком АО "РОСАГРОЛИЗИНГ"


Advanced BDM Double Disk Harrows, 1.2 to 9.3 m Wide

BDM is an advanced double disk harrow. The bearing assemblies are installed inside the disk sphere; each disk is attached to a separate tine; the angle of attack is simultaneously adjustable for all disks in a row. It is designed to till the top soil layer up to 15 cm deep, to destroy weed and to chop up crop residues. The disk harrow efficiently operates on soils exposed to wind or water erosion since it uniformly mixes the soil with crop residues. Crop residues uniformly mixed with the top soil layer prevent the soil from being blown or washed away and improve air exchange. Crop residues in the soil are intensively turned into mold improving soil fertility.

The double disc harrow can be used in a wide range of Russian agro-climatic zones and can handle all kinds of soil excluding stony ones. The double harrow is an efficient tool for treating space between rows in gardens and vineyards, preseeding and primary treatment for the min-till approach.

The Main Advantages of the BDM Double Harrow Compared to 3- and 4-Row Harrows:

• The double harrows have a smaller disk-to-disk distance in a row — 300 mm, while the row-to-row distance is 1,000 mm. The double harrow disks only partially overlap each other. The gaps between the disks are also tilled since the second row disk removes soil and shifts it into the backfurrow made by the first row disk. This does not always happen. However, a second pass diagonally to the first one results in perfect field tilling: the gaps left after the first pass are sliced, and the ridges are removed. As the double harrows have the same number of disks, but are wider, productivity is higher and fuel consumption per area is lower.

• Double harrows are much shorter. They are easier to steer and have a smaller turn radius. For the same reason many double harrows are mounted tools: they apply lower loads to the tractor linkage. Mounted double harrows are significantly cheaper, simpler and easier to steer compared to trailed ones.

•Due to the shorter disk-to-disk distance in a row, double harrows are not as good at negotiating foul and wet fields as 3- or 4-row tools. However, for this very reason double harrows make smaller ridges. It is better to use double harrows for smaller ridges, regular tilling of low-foal fields and for preseeding operations.

• BDM is extremely versatile thanks to its adjustable angle of attack. As the angle of attack increases, you can till the land at a relatively low speed, sufficient depths and with no gaps. At a smaller angle of attack and higher speeds you can till the land at a small depth in two passes for subsequent seeding.



Борона дисковая БДМ 4х2 КС


Борона дисковая БДМ 5х2 ПКС


Key Advantages of Double Harrows:

1. Based on the studies performed, BDT-AGRO has developed and multiply tested a new, improved disk layout. The BDM double harrow disk-to-disk distance is 300 mm compared to 270 mm for tools from other manufacturers. For this reason, lower tractor power is required and up to 12 % of fuel is saved compared to same-width tools from other manufacturers while preserving the soil processing quality.

2. The tools from BDT-AGRO have disk holders with a grease channel and groove. Lubrication is required just once a season. That is why the harrows have only one grease fitting. In an emergency, you can unscrew the holder mounting bolt, put some grease inside and push it all the way down to the joint while screwing in the bolt. The design significantly improves the joint performance and makes it easier to remove the holder.

3. All the trailed, folded and mounting tools have a depth adjuster (press wheel) as a standard feature. The wheels installed behind the chassis are adjusted with spring shock absorbers. This significantly reduces loads applied to the tool as it moves over rough terrain or when the tractor pitches and rocks.

4. The new generation bearing assemblies from BDT- AGRO are easier to maintain and much more reliable than the “conventional” design.

5. An optional new generation, maintenance-free cutter can be installed to the standard harrows mounts. In practice, one maintenance-free cutter can treat up to 70 hectares with no user intervention.

6. A common disadvantage of all disk harrows is that the outermost disk in the last row leaves an open, deep furrow. The outmost last row disk holder on the tools from BDT- AGRO is 40 mm shorter than other holders. As a result, the outmost last row disk is positioned 40 mm higher than the other disks. This makes a shallow furrow but still undercuts grinds and throws enough soil to cover the furrows left by the front row and other rear row disks. The press wheel finishes leveling the field. The patented design of LLC BDT-AGRO tools improves land treatment quality.

7. LLC BDT- AGRO provides a 12-months warranty for the frame, the straight holder, the chassis and the drawbar (the warranty does not cover the bearings and wear parts).

Борона дисковая БДМ 2,7х2 ПКС










BDM-series two-row MODERNIZED DISC HARROWS (depth of tillage up to 15 cm)

Disk Harrow Name Components Width, m Tractor power, hp Tractor category Quantity of disks
* BDM 1.2x2M Disk Harrows mounted 1,2\1,3 25 0,4 8
* BDM 1.5x2M Disk Harrows mounted 1,5\1,7 30-50 0,4-0,9 10
* BDM 1.8x2M Disk Harrows mounted 1,8\2,0 50-60 0,9 12
* BDM 2.1x2M Disk Harrows mounted 2,1\2,3 60-80 1,4 14
* BDM 2.3x2M Disk Harrows mounted 2,3\2,5 70-80 1,4 15
* BDM 2.4x2M Disk Harrows mounted 2,4\2,6 80 1,4 16
* BDM 2.6x2M Disk Harrows mounted 2,6\2,8 80-90 1,4-2 17
* BDM 2.7x2M Disk Harrows mounted 2,7\2,9 80-90 1,4-2 18
* BDM 2.7×2 Disk Harrows trailed 2,7\2,9 80-100 1,4-2 18
* BDM 3x2M Disk Harrows mounted 3,0\3,2 100-120 2 20
* BDM 3×2 Disk Harrows trailed 3,0\3,2 100-120 2 20
* BDM 3.3x2MF Disk Harrows mounted, foldable 3,3\2,5 100-120 2 22
* BDM 3.3×2 Disk Harrows trailed 3,3\3,5 100-120 2 22
* BDM 4x2M Disk Harrows mounted 3,9\4,1 130-150 3 26
* BDM 4x2MF Disk Harrows mounted, foldable 3,9\2,5 130-150 3 26
BDM 4×2 Disk Harrows trailed 3,9\4,1 130-150 3 26
* BDM 4.5x2M Disk Harrows mounted 4,5\4,7 130-150 3 30
* BDM 4.5x2MF Disk Harrows mounted, foldable 4,5\2,5 140-160 3 30
* BDM 4.5×2 Disk Harrows trailed 4,5\4,7 140-160 3-4 30
* BDM 5x2M Disk Harrows mounted 5,1\5,3 150-170 3-4 34
* BDM 5x2MF Disk Harrows mounted, foldable 5,1\2,5 150-170 3-4 34
BDM 5×2 Disk Harrows trailed 4,8\5,0 150-170 3-4 32
* BDM 5x2F Disk Harrows trailed, foldable 5,1\3,8 150-170 3-4 34
* BDM 5.6x2M Disk Harrows mounted 5,6\5,8 170-190 3-4 38
* BDM 5.6x2MF Disk Harrows mounted, foldable 5,6\2,5 170-190 3-4 38
* BDM 5.6x2F Disk Harrows trailed, foldable 5,6\3,8 170-190 3-4 38
BDM 6×2 Disk Harrows trailed 6,0\6,2 190-210 4 40
* BDM 6x2M Disk Harrows mounted 6,3\6,5 190-210 4 42
* BDM 6x2MF Disk Harrows mounted, foldable 6,3\4,4 190-210 4 42
* BDM 6x2F Disk Harrows trailed, foldable 6,3\4,4 190-210 4 42
* BDM 7x2F Disk Harrows mounted, foldable 6,9\4,4 230-250 5 46
* BDM 7x2F Disk Harrows trailed, foldable 6,9\4,4 230-250 5 46
* BDM 8x2F Disk Harrows trailed, foldable 8,1\4,4 250-270 5 54
* BDM 9x2F Disk Harrows trailed, foldable 9,3\4,4 270-310 5 62