Почвообрабатывающая техника

ООО "ТОРГОВЫЙ ДОМ "БДТ-АГРО" является эксклюзивным дистрибьютером сельхозтехники ООО "БДТ-АГРО" на территории Таможенного союза, стран СНГ, ближнего и дальнего зарубежья, также поставщиком АО "РОСАГРОЛИЗИНГ"

To Partners

At present, the machinery and equipment manufactured by BDT-AGRO Ltd. is supplied to the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and the Republic of Moldova. If you are interested in purchasing our machinery and equipment, please contact our commercial department for information by phone at:

+7(861)252-08-25, +7(861)252-00-26

E-mail: bdt-agro@mail.ru

We are always open to cooperation with international partners.

Our products have been certified in the Customs Union.

We are interested in cooperation with foreign partners (marketing organizations) looking to purchase assembled and disassembled agricultural tools, including frames + components, except for wheels and discs (a CKD set).

After receiving the complete knock-down set, our potential international partners then assemble the tool using our drawings and photos according to the “complete knock-down assembly” principle.

Tool assembly does not require a high level of qualification and will take 8 to 16 hours (depending on the tool’s width).

Two workers can assemble them together with ease.

Our foreign partners perform all necessary procedures in their own country, including certification procedures.

Our complete knock-down sets are delivered only with 100% prepayment, including payment for the first complete knock-down set for certification purposes.