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CORTES Disc Harrow on tines with elastic rubber sprung elements, 1.8 to 9.3 m Wide

CORTES is an advanced double row disk harrow with a bearing assembly installed outside the disk sphere, and with tines equipped with elastic rubber sprung elements. The harrow is designed to till the top soil layer up to 15 cm deep, to destroy weeds, and to chop up crop residue. The disk harrow uniformly mixes the soil with plant residues, which means that it works efficiently on soils exposed to wind or water erosion. Plant residues, uniformly mixed with the top soil layer, prevent the soil from being blown or washed away and improve air exchange. Plant residues in the soil intensively turn into mold improving soil fertility.

CORTES double row disk harrow can be used in a wide range of Russian agroclimatic zones and can handle all kinds of soil including stony ones. The harrow can be efficiently used as a pre-seeding treatment tool for the minimum tillage approach.

BDT-AGRO LLC presented the CORTES harrow at the Golden Fall exhibition in Moscow. The tool has been awarded a gold medal as the best cultivating and seeding equipment in the Advanced Agricultural Machinery and Sustainable Agriculture contest.​

The key distinguishing feature of the CORTES is that its cutting unit includes a tine with bearings and a spherical disk vertically tilted at a lead angle. The tine is installed on a crossbar that can rotate. The top part of the tine has a complex geometry that embraces one side of the crossbar. The opposite side the crossbar is plugged with a shaped plug rigidly attached to the shaped tine top. In the angles of this rectangle, elastic rubber sprung elements are installed. The tine is made of a rectangular cross section metal bar. It is bent and tilted to maintain the specified tilt and disk lead angles.

Main Advantages of CORTES BDM-V 2-Row Disk Harrows vs. Base Disk BDM Harrows:

1. When encountering a stone or other serious obstacle, elastic deformation of elastic rubber sprung elements allows the disks in CORTES BDM-V harrows to deflect upward so that obstacles can be avoided without any damage. Even during normal operation, the elastic rubber sprung elements cushion impacts, significantly reducing the load on a cutting unit and particularly on bearings. This increases tool speed and performance, and greatly improves the reliability and lifetime of the bearing assemblies.

2.The elastic deformation of elastic rubber sprung elements enables the soil to force the disks to make small oscillations during operation. This reduces draught, improves the quality of soil fragmentation and facilitates self-cleaning of disks when operating in excessively moist soil.

3. For CORTES harrows, the disk-to-disk distance in a row is 250 mm vs. 300 mm for the base 2-row harrow. The smaller distance between the disks in a row reduces bottom and field surface ridges after the tool passage. Therefore, CORTES BDM-V harrows are especially suitable for shallow-depth operation prior to seeding.

4. The CORTES series harrows are high-speed tools. With high speed, the disk throws soil higher and farther ahead. If the soil from the first disk row is above the axis of rotation of the second row disks, the soil hinders the rotation of the second row disks and results in tool clogging. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the operating speed. To improve the quality of operation for the CORTES series, adjustable rakes are installed between the first and second rows of disks. These rakes direct the soil leaving the first row of disks downward below the axis of rotation of the second row of disks, thereby preventing clogging.

5.The problem of deep furrow after the outside disk in the last row has an original solution in the CORTES harrow. Both sides of the harrow are equipped with plates adjustable for height and distance—furrow fillers which return the soil thrown by the disks back into the band tilled. In addition, in the front row to the left there is an additional disk throwing the soil on the left furrow filler. The soil from the left filler is precisely directed into the furrow formed by the end disk in the last row. As a result, a perfectly even surface ready for seeding is produced on both the left and right sides. It is clear that such a quality is necessary for the second pass on a weed-free field. In the event of a weed-choked field, the filler may be lifted or removed completely. In the latter case, it is reasonable to remove the additional disk from the first row as well.

6. The CORTES BDM-V harrows are modular. Therefore, the 6 m foldable BDM-V tools have a transport width of 2.55 m. . This enables the harrow to be operated on public roads without an escort.

7. For the CORTES type, the press wheels are mounted in a single line right after the disks. In this case, the soil thrown from the disks falls on the wheels. The wheels operate in conjunction with the disks to crush and level the top soil better. Furthermore, wheels mounted in a single line accept the same load from the entire tool. But the load caused by the tractor rocking is much less, as the wheels are located close to the disks, and the wheel oscillation amplitude is much less. This allows replacing spring shock absorbers with standard wire stretchers. The design has become easier and more reliable.

8. For BDM-V tools, the main option is 2-row press wheels. The wheels are manufactured in such a way that the second row is displaced to cover the gaps between the wheels. The large helical wheels in the first row receive the soil from the last row of disks, partially crush it, and press lengthwise. The small helical slatted wheels in the second row rotate rapidly and act as cutters, finally breaking the soil into equal lumps, leaving a perfectly even fluffed surface. However, at the customer’s request, press wheels of other types are available: helical, slatted, helical slatted, toothed, or disk-shaped.

The slatted and helical slatted wheels manufactured by BDT-AGRO are designed so that a bar enters into the soil in a near-vertical orientation, and leaves the soil nearly horizontally. As a result, it digs, cuts ridges and levels the field surface properly after the tool passage.

When treating loose soil, for instance in tillage operations, when the wheels fall through and are clogged with the soil, the wheels shall be turned 180°. In this case, the bar will be laid down on the soil horizontally, and moved out of the soil vertically, thereby increasing the wheel support surface; the wheel will grab less soil, and its clogging will be reduced.

1. The crossbars are made of a heavy-duty 100×100×8 mm shaped pipe; most similar products use a 80×80×7 mm pipe.

2. To reduce the ridgeness of the furrow bottom, the tool uses commercially available equally spaced BDM Daisy harrow disks 560 mm in diameter; similar harrows have disks 460 or 510 mm in diameter.

3. The 50 mm diameter elastic rubber sprung elements (40 mm diameter for other similar products) improve the tine stiffness and enable operations in more demanding conditions.

4. With the 560 mm diameter Daisy disks, a new generation heavy-duty cutting unit and a strong frame, the operating depth can be as much as 15 cm (10–12 cm for other similar products). The difference is still more significant for heavy, dry soils.

5. To handle efficiently such macropodal crops as sunflower or maize, the harrow uses commercially available BDM Daisy 560 mm diameter disks with large notches, while similar products have solid 460 or 510 mm diameter disks.

6. The key advantage of our CORTES is its price. It costs less than a third of the famous Catros harrow, while the width is the same and the performance is similar or better.

CORTES disk harrows with vibration tine (tillage depth up to 15 cm)

Disc harrow description Components Operating width/transport width, m Tractor output (HP) Quantity of disks
Disk harrow BDM 1.8х2 VN mounted 1,8/2,2 65-70 15
Disk harrow BDM 2.1х2 VN mounted 2,1/2,5 75-80 17
Disk harrow BDM 2.3х2 VN mounted 2,3/2,7 85-95 19
Disk harrow BDM 2.6х2 VN mounted 2,6/3,0 95-110 21
Disk harrow BDM 3х2 VN mounted 3,1/3,5 110-140 25
Disk harrow BDM 3х2 V trailed 3,1/3,5 110-140 27
Disk harrow BDM 3.6х2 VN mounted 3,6/4,0 140-170 29
Disk harrow BDM 3.6х2 VNS mounted foldable 3,6/2,55 140-170 29
Disk harrow BDM 3.6х2 V trailed 3,6/4,0 140-170 29
Disk harrow BDM 3.6х2 VS trailed foldable 3,6/2,55 140-170 29
Disk harrow BDM 4х2 VN mounted 4,1/4,5 170-200 33
Disk harrow BDM 4х2 VNS mounted foldable 4,1/2,55 170-200 33
Disk harrow BDM 4х2 V trailed 4,1/4,5 170-200 33
Disk harrow BDM 4х2 VS trailed foldable 4,1/2,55 170-200 33
Disk harrow BDM 4.6х2 VN mounted 4,5/4,9 200-230 37
Disk harrow BDM 4.6х2 VNS mounted foldable 4,5/2,55 200-230 37
Disk harrow BDM 4,6х2 V trailed 4,5/4,9 200-230 37
Disk harrow BDM 4.6х2 VS trailed foldable 4,5/2,55 200-230 37
Disk harrow BDM 5х2 VNS mounted foldable 5,1/2,55 230-250 41
Disk harrow BDM 5х2 V trailed 5,1/5,5 230-250 41
Disk harrow BDM 5х2 VS trailed foldable 5,1/2,55 230-250 41
Disk harrow BDM 5.6х2 VNS mounted foldable 5,6/2,55 240-260 45
Disk harrow BDM 5.6х2 V trailed 5,6/6,0 240-260 45
Disk harrow BDM 5.6х2 VS trailed foldable 5,6/2,55 240-260 45
Disk harrow BDM 6х2 VNS mounted foldable 6,1/2,55 260-280 49
Disk harrow BDM 6х2 V trailed 6,1/6,5 260-280 49
Disk harrow BDM 6х2 VS trailed foldable 6,1/2,55 260-280 49
Disk harrow BDM 6.6х2 VS trailed foldable 6,6/4,4 270-300 53
Disk harrow BDM 7х2 VS trailed foldable 7,1/4,4 300-320 57
Disk harrow BDM 7.6х2 VS trailed foldable 7,6/4,4 320-350 61
Disk harrow BDM 8х2 VS trailed foldable 8,1/4,4 350-380 65
Disk harrow BDM 9х2 VS trailed foldable 9,1/4,4 390-420 73
Explanation of the implement type:
*- can be optionally equipped with the tillage depth adjustment wheels: from 4 to 6 meters inclusive – 2 pcs. , from 6.5 m to 9 m – 4 pcs. ;
M – modular; S – foldable; K – with support wheels (additional option)